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This page is designed to guide you through some of the advanced basics of using the Internet with Windows, Netscape, Eudora email,a direct access provider (SLIP/PPP) and the use of a 28.8 modem ( though not mandatory) NOTE: "having a 28.8 modem does not guarantee a 28.8 connection, this is due to possible noise on the phone line, when you connect the computer will tell you at what speed you are at, don't be surprised if it is less than what you think." Right now the best access to the NET is through the above configuration. Online services are good only if you expect minimal usage (4 hours/month). I understand that they all offer free trials, but now the direct providers are doing the same and offering 1 month free in most cases. You will find that using the Net may become addicting at first and therefore you will need a direct connection which costs about $20 bucks a month on average. To download most programs you will need this type of access. There are hundreds of direct providers in the country, you want one with a local access number that supports 28.8 modems, GOOD TECHNICAL SUPPORT (meaning someone available without too much waiting to answer questions) ,unlimited time, and maybe a free trial. To find one in your area check The List. There are a few national providers, Netcom and Pipeline to name a couple. (the latter has a free 14 day trial period) They are both about $20/month and have local numbers in most areas of the US. These are good if you travel and want to access the net. In the NYC/NJ Area I use INTERCALL.They are $19/month, unlimited time, not too many customers, good support and free web space should you be inclined to publish on the web. I REPEAT , unless you are not expecting to use the net that much, DON'T USE THE ONLINE SERVICES....PLEASE!!!!! Check the AOL SUCKS page if you don't believe me.

All providers give you access to a web browser like Netscape, Microsoft, or Mosaic, and free unlimited email. For now the web browsers are free believe it or not. The key to finding what you want on the net is using search engines such as Yahooor Lycos. There are about 20 search engines currently, most can be accessed from Felicia and Andy's Search Engine Net. Remember there is no one entity in charge of organization of the information on the Net, it is currently a free for all, but these searches all use key words that you input to find what you need. All searches are free to use and are supported by advertising, NICE!

We have found the most difficult part of using the net is actually getting logged on, finding what you want, and downloading. I explained how to get logged on above and continue to stress that you get good phone support because you will need to ask questions, try for 24 hour support if you can. Support is the hidden value in getting a access provider because if you are crafty you can get help on accessing the net as well as general computer questions such as errors that might occur. It can cost $50 an hour for help from a computer service, you may not need technical support now, but you will, I guarantee it! To find what you want you should use the search engines as stated above or you can go to Felicia and Andy's Guide to Surfing the Net. This page should link you to the best current stuff available, it is updated often, too often unfortunately. The third area is downloading. Below I will explain how simple downloading really is and I have included a few of our favorite cool programs as well as a link to a great organized updated daily list of programs to download. I will make it simple, but doing it is the best education. First a few General Pointers