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SEARCH TIPS: The key to searching the internet is to limit your
keywords to be as specific as possible for what you want. When you
enter the words or phrases into the search put quotation marks around
each term. If you have multiple terms put an "and" in between terms.
EXAMPLE: "golf courses" and "arizona". This will check the entire internet
for pages with the terms golf courses and arizona most frequently used.
If you dont put the quotes around the terms, the search will find
all pages with the words golf or courses or arizona and return those
results, that obviously is thousands of pages. Secondly, there are
multiple search engines on the net, they all do the same thing for
the most part. You will see alot of ads for search engines, I have included
a list below (that you can click on if you want) so you will recognize
them if you see them in your travels on the net.

**I think Alta Vista is the best of the bunch and have included a direct
link below. In addition, for an advanced search, use the link below labeled
"advance searh". This search uses multiple engines at once and gives 
a nice layout of the results.

Alta Vista
Search The Internet


Advanced Search-Profusion-May take an extra minute

Search For:
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  • The Best of the Rest MegaSearchers

    Metacrawlers: simultaneous search of many search engines

    Dogpile: Search many search engines at once

    Search and then
    Wait a maximum of Seconds.

    Highway 61: Simultaneously query many search engines


    Multithreaded Web search of six major sites

        any    all    as a phrase

    SavvySearch (New): Simultaneous search of many Net search engines.


    Search Onramp: A simultaneous search of many engines, with the results ranked and scored

    Starting Point: Metasearch page.

    Phone/Adress Database Enter at least the last name of the person you're searching for:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    State: (use 2-letter abbreviation)


    Free Stock Quotes
    Enter Multiple Tickers with spaces in between

    WorldWide Newspaper Locator

    Internet Movie Database Covers 10's of 1000's of movies; Title Search below - many other search options available.

    World City 5 Day Forecast
    3,600 cities covered worldwide!
    Enter a city, state, or country
    below to jump to that page. 

    Local TV Listings-Just Type in Zip Code and hit ENTER

    ZIP code:

    WorldClimate Information
    World Climate Year Round Average Temp Data:
    Enter the name of the CITY above. Don't enter a country or state name. 
    If you are not sure of the spelling, enter just the first few letters 
    of the name. For foreign cities, try entering the name in the local 
    language, for example Venezia for Venice. 
    Find the climate for

    FedEx Tracking

    Hypertext Webster's Dictionary

    Collections for Journalists

    The Reference Desk

    Telephone & E-mail Directories


    Best Market Summary

    Today's Business News
    Quick Stock Market Summary
    Bloomberg Business Update
    Top 50 Active Stocks
    Current Market Averages
    Mutual Funds Mega Page Username/loriw-Password/school
    Mornigstar Mutual Funds Profile Username/loriw-Password/school
    Investors Business Daily Username/aw-Password/aw
    NY Times Business Username/andy1-Password/juicy
    USA Today Business
    Mega Investment Page
    Smith Barney
    Salary Relocation Caluculator
    Surf Investment Center


    ClickTV Listings
    Weekly Listings
    The Gist TV
    Complete Video Movie Guide
    World Radio Stations
    Internet Movie Data Base
    Mega Movie Review Index
    Live Radio Stations on the Net
    T.V. Resource Guide
    Ultimate Band List
    Ticketmaster Box Office
    Hollywood Reporter

    Fun/Cool Stuff on the Net
    Free Fax
    Name and Number Search
    Travel Directions from Point to Point
    Delorme Directions/Sound
    Map out an Address-Mapblast
    Track Flight in Real-Time
    More flight tracking
    Yahoo flight tracking
    Personalized Yahoo News
    Personalized Excite News
    LA Traffic Conditions

    Lottery Numbers Nationwide
    Long Island Traffic Conditions
    Info On any golf course in the Country
    Ski Conditions around the Country
    Radio Stations Broadcasting Online
    Stereo Sound Files Online
    Hotmail Free Email Service Free Email
    Traceroute from Carnegie Mellon
    Restaurant Menus in Major cities
    Nice Java Chat
    New Car Info-Carpoint

    Currency Converters
    Olsen & Associates
    Xenon Labs

    From the US Naval Observatory
    World Population Clock
    Date and Time Gateway
    Monthly Calendar
    Astronomy Picture
    Question of the Day

    U.S. Newspapers
    Search the latest headlines
    Links to the Latest News
    Top 25 Newpapers Online
    All US Daily Newspapers Online
    Atlanta Journal
    Bozeman Gazette
    Boston Globe
    Cleveland Plain Dealer
    Houston Chronicle
    Honolulu Star-Bulletin
    The New York Times
    Philadelphia Inquirer
    Seattle Times
    Tampa Tribune

    Search for Newspapers Worldwide

    International Newsstand Search
    Enter A Publication Name

    WorldWide NewsLinks
    Magazines on the Internet
    NewsLink Publicattions


    Frequently Asked Questions
    Enter Keyword or Newsgroup

    Ohio State Alpha Index
    Ohio State Newsgroup Index
    Oxford University Search
    Tezcat FAQ Farm
    World Wide Web FAQ
    How To Build an ISP
    Emily Postnews Netiquette

    Discussion Groups
    Forum One
    Liszt Directory
    Tile Lists
    Tile Newsgroups
    Deja News Power Search
    Web Times

    Albert's Ambry
    SBA Shareware
    Shareware Stockpile
    Internet Sourcebook

    US Zip Code Cross-Reference
    Enter City, State
    or 5 Digit Zip Code

    US Federal Web Locator
    Enter Keywords

    National Debt Clock
    Commonly Requested Services
    Federal Government Agencies
    National Performance Review
    Gov't Printing Office Index
    The White House
    Supreme Court
    The Senate
    The House
    National Archives
    NASA Homepage
    IRS Digital Daily
    FBI Ten Most Wanted

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