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Quick Tip for New User

Web pages and E-mail Addresses

E-mail addresses always have an @ symbol (called the "at" symbol) 

between the person's user name, and the domain name. For example,, would be spoken, "Someone at WebTV dot Net." 

Just like phone numbers, you must be certain that the address is 

exact, or your message will bounce back, and appear in your 

mailbox as undeliverable. Make sure not to type any spaces between

 any of the letters or numbers in the address. However, e-mail 

address are not usually case-sensitive, so it makes no difference 

if you write in upper-case or lower-case letters, or a combination. 

Web page addresses always begin with http:// , usually 

(but not always) followed by www. , a name 

(often the name of the company that owns the page), 

and then a suffix like .com or .net or .org. These addresses will 

take you to a specific Web site or page. 

As examples:,,, or As with e-mail addresses, web addresses 

must be entered exactly, but normally ARE case-sensitive. A 

web page address must be exact in all ways.

SEARCH TIPS: The key to searching the internet is to limit your

keywords to be as specific as possible for what you want. When you

enter the words or phrases into the search put quotation marks around

each term. If you have multiple terms put an "and" in between terms.

EXAMPLE: "golf courses" and "arizona". This will check the entire internet

for pages with the terms golf courses and arizona most frequently used.

If you dont put the quotes around the terms, the search will find

all pages with the words golf or courses or arizona and return those

results, that obviously is thousands of pages. Secondly, there are

multiple search engines on the net, they all do the same thing for

the most part. You will see alot of ads for search engines, I have included

a list below (that you can click on if you want) so you will recognize

them if you see them in your travels on the net.
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